» New York Comic Con 2015 – Cosplay Music Video


Gli Sneaky Zebra hanno realizzato un cosplay video musicale al New York Comic Con 2015. Tanta #turbofiga ma anche tanta ironia.



Eccovi la lista dei cosplayer presenti nel video:

  • Hulkbuster Armor by Extreme Costumes
  • Black Widow from Marvel by Dollicious
  • Thor by Mark Hyrullian
  • Scarlet Witch by Quinzy Cosplay
  • Captain America by The Covinator
  • LadyBaby / LadyBeard
  • Kaidan Alenko from Mass Effect by Nathan DeLuca
  • Belle by KatieBug cosplay
  • Quite from Metal Gear Solid by Nadyasonika
  • Rouge from X-Men by Monika Lee
  • Emma Frost from X-Men by Aspen Cosplay
  • The Collector by Knowhere Cosplay
  • Owen (2) from Jurassic World by Cutting Room Cosplay
  • ‎Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street by LeeAnna Vamp
  • Scarecrow by KB Props!
  • Baroness from G.I. Joe by Ani Mia
  • Sarah Palmer from Halo by Its Raining Neon
  • Shao Jun from Assassin’s Creed by Lomelindi Productions
  • Supergirl by Uncanny Megan
  • Dark Supergirl By Ani Mia
  • Ghostbuster by Cutting Room Cosplay
  • Original Character by YaYa Han
  • Peter Griffin from Family Guy by Real Life Peter Griffin
  • Bane from Batman by Razors Edge
  • McThor by McThor
  • Stay Puft Marshmellow Dress by Destiny Nickelsen
  • Go Go Tomago and Honey Lemon by Straight Line Association Cosplay
  • Yokai (Big Hero 6) by BlakAnubis Cosplay
  • Zero Suit Samus! SMills Cosplay
  • Fallout by Stella Chu
  • Lowery from Jurassic World by Cutting Room Cosplay



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