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1 Dicembre 2012

Powered by an Arduino, a hacked webcam, a mechanical iris, and a set of servos to move it about, the lamp seems curious of its environment, particularly humans, thanks to software that recognizes and tracks faces.

Un capo nerd Un pazzo ha infilato in una lampada 6 servomotori, una webcam e una versione modificata di Arduino per renderla… una vera Luxo della Pixar. :D

Si chiama Lamp (aka Pinokio), date un’occhiata a questa meraviglia creata da degli studenti della Victoria University of Wellington:

Created by:
Shanshan Zhou
Adam Ben-Dror
Joss Doggett

with Processing, Arduino, and OpenCV.

Pinokio is an exploration into the expressive and behavioural potentials of robotic computing.

Customized computer code and electronic circuit design imbues Lamp with the ability to be aware of its environment, especially people, and to expresses a dynamic range of behaviour.

As it negotiates its world, we the human audience can see that Lamp shares many traits possessed by animals, generating a range of emotional sympathies.

In the end we may ask: Is Pinokio only a lamp? – a useful machine? Perhaps we should put the book aside and meet a new friend.

Special thanks to the open source and creative commons community.

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