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17 Febbraio 2011

Sony ha ufficialmente dichiarato che bannerà dal PSN tutte le PS3 crackate, ma come fanno a sapere quando una di queste console si logga?
A quanto pare, Sony registra sui suoi server una tonnellata di dati riguradanti la vostra PS3: quali device avete collegato, la tv usata, il tipo di controller e ovviamente il vostro numero di carta di credito, se l’avete immesso. E la falla più grossa è proprio questa: i dati relativi alla carta di credito, apparentemente VENGONO PASSATI IN CHIARO.

“Sony is the biggest spy ever… they collect so much data. All connected devices return values sent to Sony’s servers,” the hacker said. He claims that Sony knows what controllers you’re using, what USB devices are plugged in, what sort of television you’re using—everything. Here’s another section of the chat log:

* user2: another funny function i found is regarding psn downloads
* user2: its when a pkg game is requested from the store
* user2: in the url itself you can define if you get the game free or not. requires some modification in hashes and so on tho
* user3: ..
* user2: is like
* user8: :D
* user3: my god
* user2: drm:off

That’s not all: your credit card information is apparently being sent as an unencrypted text file. This is how the code is being sent to Sony:

creditCard.paymentMethodId=VISA&creditCard.holderName=Max&creditCard.cardNumber=45581234567812345678&creditCard.expireYear=2012&creditCard.expireMonth=2&creditCard.securityCode=214&creditCard.address.address1=example street%2024%20&

This information is allegedly being stored online and is updated every time you turn on your system. We’ve been receiving reports from various sources that e-mails are being sent to those with hacked firmware even before they log back into the PlayStation Network, which is even more evidence that Sony is grabbing information from your system just from being connected to your wireless network.

Io spero fortemente che non sia vero, altrimenti c’è da preoccuparsi sul serio…

via Ars Technica

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