Epic fail colossale

10 Novembre 2010

The accident occurred when a backhoe was excavating for the construction of a ramp 150 m from the port and into the Rio Negro. According to the commander of the Fire Brigade, Colonel Antonio Dias, a strip of land of at least 300 meters long from the port slid over the work.
The two employees, ramp and dozens of trucks and containers were thrown to the earth into the Rio Negro. The commander says a barge containing diesel fuel, which was in the river sank. Inside the containers are goods industries from Manaus.

The Military Police and firefighters are still on a state of alert to prevent further landslides and estimate that the number of missing may be higher.

According to information from the Fire Department, effective has been working to remove about 20 containers that fell into the river Negro. Hermes Macedo said Major, Military Police, the goal is to isolate the area and help in rescue efforts. “It is now important to isolate the area avoiding the presence of onlookers and stay alert to landslides. We have air support to expedite the rescue of victims. As we do not know the exact number of affected, alertness is essential,” he says.


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